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If you do not feel like you made the most of the educational opportunities which were made available to you when you were at school, you may feel like the door has closed on your ability to learn anything new. However, this is not the case. By fostering a sense of lifelong learning via engagement with local adult education colleges and other training and development opportunities, you can kick-start your brain and your career. Doing so will allow you to start taking your life in the direction you want to go in. While we aren't experts, we have completed lots of research into this area so you don't have to.


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A Guide on Forklift Training Courses in Australia

There is an increasing demand for forklift operators in Australia to operate forklifts in warehouses, factories and construction sites. If you wish to become a forklift operator, below is a comprehensive guide on the forklift training course and what you should expect on the job. 

What Does Forklift Operation Involve? 

A forklift is a piece of equipment designed to hoist and move items. There are different types of forklifts, such as reach, counterbalance, rough terrain, side loader and telescopic handler forklifts. As an operator, you are required to observe safety at the site to prevent property damage and human injury. For instance, you must inspect the forklift daily, you should beware of hazards such as overhead powerlines, and you must observe the forklift's weight limits. 

The Forklift Training Course

Forklift training courses are available in most Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in Australia. Forklifts are easy to operate compared to other kinds of plant equipment. As such, the training course takes a maximum of five days. 


People that wish to undertake the forklift training course in Australia must be above 18 years of age and must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Besides, they must be in excellent physical and mental condition. If you wish to undertake the course outside your state, you must submit documents showing that you are employed in that state. 

Choosing a Course

There are two classes of forklift licence. An LF licence permits you to operate any type of forklift except the order picker forklift. With a LO licence, you can only operate an order picker forklift.

Training Sessions

It would be helpful to familiarise yourself with basic forklift operation before attending training. The internet can be an essential source of such information. You are required to wear protective clothing such as a helmet, boots, overall and gloves during your training sessions. 

The course comprises some course work to educate you on the various kinds of forklifts, forklift control and safety. During practical sessions, your trainer will show how to inspect the forklift and the equipment's controls, how to operate the machine, and how to diagnose forklift problems. You will have to undertake a practical and written test after training. 

Applying for a Forklift Licence

Once you complete the course, the RTO will issue you with a statement of attainment, notice of attainment and a licence application form. Visit an Australian Post near you and apply for a forklift licence. The licence will be sent within 60 days.

Forklift operation is a lucrative course due to the high demand for forklift operators. Besides, there are numerous opportunities to advance your career. For instance, you could be a warehouse manager or shipping supervisor.