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Oded Shimoni is a veteran of two World Equestrian Games and two European Championships. He has also qualified horses for the Olympic Games.



Israel & Sponsorship


A Tribute to Our Sponsors

Deborah and Oliver Cantrell of Saddlewood Farms, Inc., Brentwood, Tennessee sponsored Oded Shimoni in an effort to help his quest to become the first Israeli rider to compete in dressage at the Olympics. The Cantrells began their ten-year sponsorship with Oded in 1995 and watched their horse Glenstern, and others, steadily improve under Oded’s guidance. “My horses were a pleasure to watch because they enjoyed what they were doing,” said Deborah Cantrell.


The Cantrells  sponsored Oded Shimoni because they shared a common goal of getting the first Israeli into the Olympics. “It’s been a wonderful journey,” said Deborah Cantrell who was finishing her PhD on “The Horsemen of Israel” during the time of her sponsorship of Shimoni. “There are many references in the bible and hundreds of ‘horse issues’ scattered in ancient Hebrew texts. In Biblical times, during the Israelite monarchy, Israel became the foremost nation in the world in horsemanship, charioteers and mounted combat.  We want to see Israel take its place in Olympic history.”




Realizing Sponsorship Opportunities - the Horse Industry is Hot!


Results from an American Horse Council study, show that the $25.3 billion US horse industry is comparable in size to the apparel manufacturing industry and the motion picture industry. This figure is based on the economic activity of the 7.1 million horse owners, service providers, employees and volunteers. The industry provides 338,500 full-time jobs.


Equine sponsorship builds your brand image with the affluent consumer. Consumers relate to brands that share their interests. As a sponsor, you are not competing for the targeted consumers attention amidst a large clutter of advertising.


Your product is in front of an elite upscale audience with great disposable income. Equestrians purposefully support their industry sponsors. In addition, via PR articles, your message will repeatedly reach consumers in their homes as they read their favorite equine publications. This exposure results in sales, brand specific sales and repeat business sales.


Sponsoring is a low-cost way for your company to tap into the horse industry consumers and gain loyalty for your products. When the multiplier effect of spending by industry suppliers and employees is taken into account, the horse industry has a $112.1 billion impact on the US economy.


To find out more about how a sponsorship could benefit your organization please contact Oded Shimoni:


odedshimoni@yahoo.com. A custom tailored sponsorship-marketing plan can be developed to maximize the benefits to and for your organization.





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