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Oded Shimoni is a veteran of two World Equestrian Games and two European Championships. He has also qualified horses for the Olympic Games.


Meet Oded Shimoni


In the highly competitive world of international horse sports, US- based Oded Shimoni has reached levels achieved by only a handful of dressage riders in the world.  He has had many successes for his native country of Isreal.  Oded was the first Israeli to qualify for and compete in the World Equestrian Games (WEG).   He made his first trip to WEG for the 1998 competition in Rome, Italy aboard the beautiful mare Amora.   Oded returned to WEG in 2002 in Jerez, Spain on the Dutch Warmblood gelding, Glenstern.  He went on to be the second person from his country to qualify for and compete in the European Championships, which he did in 2001, on Amora, and 2003, riding Glenstern. Always a strong competitor, Oded finished in the top half of the field in both WEG and the European Championships. Oded also became the first Israli dressage rider to qualify for the Olympic Games, which he did with two different horses for the 2004 Games.


Glenstern and Oded were one of the top duos in the intensely competitive Winter Equestrian Festival for the 2002-2003 season. In the 2003 Florida Dressage Classic, Glenstern awed the crowds, when he performed the test of his life, coming in second with a score of 71.597%. He then went on to win the Grand Prix Special with 69.933%. “That ride took my breath away,” said Robert Dover, a five time US Olympian, who has watched Oded over the years develop into what he describes as a serious “international competitor.”


Achieving such success does not come easy for anyone.  Oded is the son of Hungarian Jews- his mother an Auschwitz survivor.  He hails from a country that lacks a history of equestrian sport.  Where many of today’s top riders have had the luxury of learning from dressage masters early on, riding in fine apparel in manicured rings, Oded began his riding career in a public park in Tel Aviv, wearing jeans and sneakers.   Years later, he has moved his base to Wellington, Florida where he is a well-respected dressage trainer and instructor.  Oded takes pleasure in teaching other riders the things he has learned throughout his career.


His work with notable trainers such as George Whal, Conrad Schumacher, David Pincus of the Spanish Riding School, and Hubertus Schmidt have added to the knowledge Oded gained from personal experience.  “Before I went to the 1998 World Equestrain Games with Amora, the focus of my life was learning,” Oded said. “Now I have achieved what many riders hope for. Today’s riders want to learn as much as possible from someone who has gone through the training and the experience.”



His schedule keeps him training horses and instructing riders at Still Point Farm in Wellington, Florida during the week. Weekends are often spent competing or traveling to a number of teaching clinics he conducts across the United States. Oded also makes frequent trips to Europe to find horses for clients, focusing on finding the best possible match for the horse and rider.  Although this schedule keeps him busy, Oded enjoys watching his students progress.  He says, “It is very gratifying to see the students’ performance level improve as the horses respond to them.”


International recognition has brought demands from other riders, including highly successful professionals, who want to benefit from his training. “I believe it is time to put something back into the sport that has been good to me and which I love. I shall do whatever I can to help improve riding that in turn will benefit the horses. After all, it is the horses who are the real competitors.” 




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