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Oded Shimoni is a veteran of two World Equestrian Games and two European Championships. He has also qualified horses for the Olympic Games.









Horses & Riders


Jason Canton

"I train with Oded because he has a very experienced eye to catch the details."

USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist.  Head trainer for Collecting Gaits Farm in Alpharetta, GA, Owner/Rider/Trainer of Grandioso, the USEF National FEI 6 year old champion in 2007 & USDF FEI 6 year old Horse of the Year.

"I have been involved with horses since age 9. At fourteen I knew dressage was my passion. Oded has been instrumental in helping me develop such horses as Duvallier, a top placing Grand Prix Hanoverian gelding, and my own horse, Grandioso who is currently ranked #1 in the USEF Developing Horse Championships of 2008. 
He always has something helpful and instructive to say. When he rides my horses, it makes a difference. Oded is always compassionate with the horses. He consistently sticks to a classical way of training and that's what inspires mewith my own riding. I like Oded as a trainer because he is also willing to hear my own thought's and listen to what I think regarding the training of my horses. He is good at forcing me to focus and form a plan, even when I don稚 have one. I have to admit to enjoying his quirky sense of humor too."


Jessica Jo Tate

“Oded inspires me with his riding”


DCTA member, USDF Gold Medalist, 1999 NAYRC Silver Medalist, Dressage Trainer, Coach, instructor and clinician


Jessica Jo “JJ” Tate is dedicated to preserving the art of classical equitation and horsemanship. She has been training with Oded Shimoni for over six years. “Oded inspires me with his riding,” she said. “He also inspires me in the way that he pushes for excellence in his teaching and he is never satisfied until the high standard is reached. He motivates me to get the best from my horses and of myself by riding my horses and showing me how much more they have to give and how much better they can go.”



Amanda Persons

"Oded is an excellent teacher"


USDF Gold Medalist, Dressage Trainer and Coach


Amanda Persons


Amanda Persons is talented rider and trainer based in Alpharetta, Georgia and Wellington, Florida.  Four years ago Persons searched to find just the right coach for her.  When asked why she chose Oded Shimoni she said, “I was determined to find an international rider who is equally gifted in the riding and the teaching, and who is capable of bringing his riders up to his level.   I have ridden with some amazing riders, including five Olympians; however, many highly successful riders lack the experience or the communication skills to bring their students up to their level.


Oded is an excellent teacher, and he has brought an impressive number of his students into the ranks of FEI competitors.”  Of Shimoni’s training, Persons says, “He is totally committed to a relentless pursuit of excellence and expects the same from all of his students. Just as with the horses, he pushes you to that line-- but never over the line. There is a unique softness to the approach that is a rarely found among top riders.”



Todd Flettrich

"I have always admired Oded for his commitment, loyalty, and honesty"


USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist in Dressage, four-time participant in the North American Young Riders Championships (NAYRC), 1991 NAYRC Gold Medalist


Todd Flettrich


Based in Wellington, Florida, Todd Flettrich has known and worked with Oded Shimoni for 16 years.  Flettrich has certainly had many successes at the international level, but he also takes great pleasure in the achievements of his students.  Flettrich is very proud that his student Catherine Malone earned a Gold Medal at the North American Young Riders Championships, following in his own footsteps.  Along with Oded, Flettrich has worked with other trainers, including Hubertus Schmidt for six months at the end of 2007 in Germany.  When asked about his long-term coach, Flettrich said, “I have always admired Oded for his commitment, loyalty, and honesty in helping me in my riding.  I can be passive at times, but Oded has always pushed me to be better.  Now, he is more than a friend and a trainer, I consider him family.”



Arlene "Tuny" Page

"Oded is an excellent coach"


FEI International Competitor and Trainer. Represented the US in the 2006 World Cup Finals.


Tuny Page, based in Wellington, Florida, is one of the top US riders competing at the international level.  To add to her learning from Oded in Florida, Page travels to Germany to work with dressage master Hubertus Schmidt.  Page has had many wins in the FEI Grand Prix arena that have earned her a ranking among the world’s best. Page won the USEF National Grand Prix Freestyle Championship in 2006, which qualified her to represent the United States in the 2006 World Cup Finals in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In addition to competing and training, Page serves the dressage community on the USET Foundation Board of Trustees and the USEF Dressage Committee.  Page speaks highly of her coach Oded Shimoni saying, “Oded is a unique instructor that combines a comprehensive classical approach to training with coaching for today’s competitions.  I couldn’t be happier.  Oded is an excellent coach.”



Danielle Vallandingham

"It is an honor to have the chance to train with Oded"


Working student for Oded since June 2007


Danielle Vallandingham hails from Mullica Hill, NJ and is currently in her Junior year of college, majoring in Business Management at University of Maryland.  She takes online courses so that she is able to work for Oded full-time.  In 2006 Vallandingham and her current horse, Gismo, were members of the Region 1 NAYRC Team.  The pair participated in the 2005 NAYRC for the Region 8 Team.  Vallandingham and Gismo were also the Reserve Champions at the 2006 Region 1 Championships.  Vallandingham ultimately hopes to compete Grand Prix.  She says, “It is an honor to have the opportunity to train with Oded Shimoni.  He has made a tremendous impact on my riding and has given me the chance to experience training and competing at a world-class level.  His continual need for thoroughness and looseness of the horses, as well as his systematic training have allowed me to advance my riding far past my expectations.  I look forward to continuing my dressage education under his instruction.”


Ariane Dierkes

Ariane started riding at the age of nine on school horses in a riding club in Paderborn in Germany. She showed the young rider tour in Europe to I-1. In August of 2000, Ariane went to work for Hubertus Schmidt . In 2004, Ariane came to Florida to work with Oded for two years. When she retuned to Europe, Ariane began working at a private stable and stud.

She still works with Oded when he is in Europe and also rides and campaigns his sale horses in Europe. Airane rode in the 2006 and 2007 BundesChampionat in the 5yo and 6yo classes. She has also had a great deal of success with her own gelding, Perfect Touch, earning wins and top placings in 5yo and 6yo FEI classes in Germany. This year Perfect Touch and Ariane will debut in the Prix St. Georges and Inter I.




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